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talent sourcing

The centralised solution enables you to develop a proactive, engaging, multi-touch approach to developing relationships with candidates and converting them into today’s applicants and tomorrow’s hires.

Your recruiters live within Candidate.ID, going about their business as normal but the difference is, every message they send to candidates is loaded with technology which gives them constant clues about which candidates to prioritise picking up the phone to. Recruiters who use Candidate.ID are 50% more productive than they were before.

Designed by talent acquisition specialists, Candidate.ID’s talent lead gen software is the fast-track solution to hiring success for mid-large employers and specialist staffing companies.

talent screening

Sonru, the trusted global leader and pioneer of automated video interviewing for screening candidates, simplifies the recruiting process for recruiters and their candidates.

Replicating a face-to-face interview, automated video interviews remove the everyday headaches associated with preliminary interviews. Interviewers and candidates are not online at the same time. Forget about scheduling interviews, time zone restrictions, no shows and unsuitable candidates. With tailored screening questions, you will be able to immediately screen out candidates that do not meet your interview criteria, selecting only the most suitable for face-to-face interviews.

talent onboarding

Create the ultimate onboarding experience and involve your new employees quickly and successfully with your organization!

  • Go beyond; create a digital experience
  • Combine games, video and augmented reality
  • Monitor the progress of your new employee
  • Use our onboarding blue prints for a success formula.
  • Get new employees up to 75% faster productive
  • Strengthen your employer brand

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talent Onboarding

PRISM is a revolutionary way of identifying people’s behaviour preferences.

PRISM approached human behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience, rather than psychology theory. This exciting online tool takes advantage of some of the most up-to-date neuroscience discoveries to provide users with a series of maps which are representations of how the  prefer to respond to the world around them.