Imagine hot candidate leads automatically pinging straight into your recruiters’ inboxes so they can cut sourcing time considerably and are much more productive every day.

Candidate.ID is super sophisticated technology, packaged in a simple-to-use interface which sits right on top of your ATS as your core system of candidate engagement.​

Features That Will Transform Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Our award-winning software is the only product in recruitment which shows your recruiters which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ in real-time and which are the closest match to your job description.

Stop Cold Calling

Pipeline ‘ready now’ talent so recruiters only focus on the most engaged ‘hire ready’ candidates for faster and better hiring.

Save Time & Money

Automate repetitive candidate engagement tasks and workflows to condense the entire recruitment process and cut 3rd party costs.

First Access to Talent

Nurture at scale the talent you want and identify who wants to work for you in real-time to prioritise best fit candidates.

Talent Pipelining

Candidate.ID enables you to recruit strategically by building and nurturing defined talent pools to stay ahead of business demand.

Candidate Engagement

Candidate.ID gives you all the tools to get high quality passive talent aware of your organisation, engaged and considering your jobs when they’re ready to make a career change.

Candidate Experience

Candidate.ID enables you to maximise the personalised experience for every candidate by customising your perfect candidate journey throughout their decision cycle.

GDPR Compliance

At Candidate.ID, we entirely welcome GDPR because it forces recruiters to use their data or delete it and this, in turn, encourages them to think about better ways to nurture their candidate databases.


Let Candidate.ID do the heavy lifting by automatically nurturing candidates and identifying those most interested in opportunities.

Employer Branding

Maximise your investment in employer branding by using Candidate.ID to promote your EVP to your target candidates based on their stage of interest.

Return on Investment

Use Candidate.ID to get the real impact of your recruitment and tie each successful candidate back to its original source with closed-loop reporting.



The Transformation of Recruitment

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