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Enroll your Graduates in the regions most comprehensive 'certified' job-prep program to get them job-certified in 90 days!

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"Certified" Graduate Development Program

The main objective of the program is to equip participants with essential skills including job interview preparation, CV & cover letter writing, professional email communication, salary negotiation,... to get Job-Certified within 90 days!

10 Modules

30 Classes

90 Days

What you will learn

Job Interview Preparation

Diligent job interview preparation significantly benefits job search and career progression. Thoroughly researching the company and role equips you to tailor your responses, demonstrating genuine interest and fit. Practicing your answers and refining your storytelling enhances your ability to showcase skills and experiences effectively. This preparation boosts your confidence, reduces interview anxiety, and ensures you make a lasting impression. As you secure positions, the developed interview skills continue to serve you well in networking, presentations, and client interactions, ultimately propelling your career growth and advancement.

Master Business Idioms

Business idioms are phrases or expressions that have figurative meanings different from their literal interpretations. They are commonly used in the business world to convey ideas, concepts, and situations succinctly and often with a touch of humor or insight. Incorporating these idioms into your communication during a job search or career progression can help you appear knowledgeable, relatable, and well-versed in the language of business.

Practice Communicating in English

Practicing English communication is immensely valuable for job seekers and career growth. It enhances interview performance, facilitates networking and cross-cultural collaboration, improves presentation and writing skills, supports conflict resolution, aids in negotiations and adapting to industry changes, and contributes to personal branding and leadership development. Proficient communication enables effective interaction with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, fostering professional success in a globalized business landscape.

Enhance Writing Skills

Enhancing your writing skills significantly benefits job search and career progression. Clear and concise written communication is vital for crafting compelling resumes and cover letters that capture employers' attention. As you progress, effective writing allows you to draft impactful emails, reports, and proposals, conveying professionalism and facilitating collaboration with colleagues and clients. Strong writing also demonstrates your ability to convey complex ideas and contribute to thought leadership, bolstering your reputation and opening doors to advanced roles where precise communication is paramount.

Enhance Negotiation Skills

Improving your negotiation skills offers substantial advantages for both job search and career progression. During job interviews, adept negotiation can help secure favorable compensation packages while showcasing your confidence and value. As you advance, strong negotiation abilities enable you to advocate for promotions, salary increases, and project resources. Effective negotiation fosters positive relationships with colleagues, superiors, and clients, positioning you as a skilled collaborator and problem solver. Ultimately, honing these skills empowers you to navigate complex situations, drive win-win outcomes, and achieve continued success in your career journey.

Get Certified

UK and CPD Accredited Certifications

How it works

7 days a week
Live online classes, every single day

16 hours a day 
With classes running 16 hours everyday, we make your learning journey as simple as possible and work around your schedule

Qualified Teacher
Our teachers are highly experienced and trained on delivering synchronous classes

Unlimited access, anytime
Every student has unlimited access to any class within their levels 16 hours per day, 7 days per week for maximum flexibility

Accredited curriculum
Our curriculum and our teaching methodology are UK accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Organization (CPD)

Synchronous classes online
All classes are delivered in real time and are capped at a maximum of 10 students for maximum interaction and impact

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