Competency 10X – Second-line Leaders

Course Description

Competency 10X is a behavioral mastery training using applied NeuroLinguitic Programming.

A leader needs more than just the position and authority to lead his / her team. The training programs we offer are not just for the leaders to be able to lead but also to be able to inspire.

What to Expect:

To empower leaders to lead effectively. Our module focuses on building resourceful and purposeful relationships, enabling leaders to bring out the best in their teams and achieve organizational objectives seamlessly.

To Develop distinct skills for leadership success. This module enhances leaders’ abilities to extract precise information, employ persuasive language techniques, set clear expectations, foster relationships, and cultivate a positive work environment for achieving objectives effectively.

To Enhance leadership through inclusive decision-making. This module utilizes NLP’s perceptual positions to examine situations from multiple perspectives, enabling leaders to make better decisions aligned with organizational needs and stakeholders’ interests.

To resolve conflicts and enhance communication. Our program educates leaders on objective reality, effective message conveyance, and clear communication techniques. This fosters improved teamwork, productivity, and organizational outcomes by avoiding conflicts and achieving goals efficiently.

To master time management for enhanced productivity. Our training equips leaders with practical techniques to stay focused, eliminate distractions, and effectively manage tasks. Achieve goals efficiently by optimizing time utilization and maintaining productivity throughout the day.

To boost performance through emotional intelligence. Our training empowers leaders to manage emotions, foster consistency, motivation, purpose, and balance at work. By developing emotional intelligence, leaders can effectively navigate challenges, enhance performance, and create a thriving workplace environment.

Leaders need effective presentation skills to convey ideas, inspire teams, and influence stakeholders. Strong communication fosters credibility, trust, and buy-in, enabling leaders to articulate their vision, motivate teams, and achieve organizational goals.

Our stress management module equips individuals with essential tools to effectively cope with stress, enhance well-being, and improve productivity. Learn practical strategies to reduce stress, promote resilience, and cultivate a healthier work-life balance for lasting success.

How do we Train?

Our training methodology combines NLP and EI to empower employees. Through a variety of activities, experiential learning, and visual aids, we create an engaging and interactive training environment.

We emphasize the use of realistic and relatable case studies and stories to ensure practical application of the concepts.

Our goal is to provide training that is both engaging and applicable to real-world situations. We also tailor-make modules based on organizational needs.

“Training is the catalyst that ignites the flame of excellence, unlocking the full potential within individuals and fueling the collective success of organizations.”


Upon completion of the Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner course, coaches have the opportunity to obtain certification from the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming (ABNLP). This esteemed certification not only validates your expertise but also sets the foundation for a coaching practice that delivers results effortlessly.

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