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Graduate Hiring

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Expand your recruiting reach and tap into skills

Scale your graduate hiring team by considering more students, from more colleges and universities, without adding more resources. HireVue’s enterprise software solution has allowed hundreds of companies to widen their early-career talent pool and improve diversity through flexible solutions that accommodate a student’s schedule. Focus on skills and screen for potential with assessments specifically designed to assess graduate talent making your early career hiring process more flexible and fair. With HireVue’s campus recruitment software, graduate recruiting teams can quickly and expertly identify those candidates with the skills needed for success on the job today and the potential to thrive tomorrow.

Encourage candidate flexibility—and unlock their potential

Hiring shouldn’t be limited to just a handful of schools. On-demand interviewing from our campus recruiting platform expands your reach and improves diversity. Candidates can take interviews from any device, anytime, from anywhere. This flexibility is highly valued by busy students while creating a structured, consistent, and fair interview experience. Plus, 99% uptime and 24/7 multilingual support provides the experience and support recruiters and candidates deserve.

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