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Course Description

Performance 10X is a behavioral mastery training using applied NeuroLinguitic Programming and Emotional Intelligence.

As much as it is important for an individual to thrive hard to improve self, it is also the responsibility of the organization to plan the growth of the employees at not just professional level but also at emotional and spiritual level.

What to Expect:

An outcome-focused mindset drives goal-setting, accountability, adaptability, and innovation among employees, enhancing productivity and performance. Our module cultivates a perspective of opportunities, learning, and feedback for continuous growth and success.

Effective communication is vital for collaboration, decision-making, conflict resolution, and relationship building. Our module explores diverse information processing and building subconscious trust for successful leadership and organizational performance.

Team bonding builds trust, cooperation, and support among employees. Our training unites teams around a shared vision, fostering effective communication and a positive work environment that enhances satisfaction and retention.

Emotional intelligence is essential for employees, fostering self-awareness, empathy, effective communication, relationship building, and navigating workplace dynamics. Our training enhances emotional intelligence, empowering participants for optimal performance and improved workplace relationships.

Purpose alignment is key for employee fulfillment. Our training connects individuals with organizational purpose, fostering engagement, productivity, satisfaction, and retention. Together, we create a shared sense of meaning and commitment.

Conflict management is crucial for a positive work environment. Our training focuses on emotional intelligence, communication, and compassionate authority to achieve positive outcomes and maintain professional relationships, reducing stress and turnover.

Work-life balance is vital for well-being. Our training helps manage time, prioritize tasks, set boundaries, and teach stress management, communication, and mindfulness. Achieve better balance for improved quality of life.

Our training boosts confidence and self-image, fostering self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. This empowers employees for better relationships, decision-making, resilience, job performance, and overall satisfaction.

How do we Train?

Our training methodology at Neurologix combines NLP and EI to empower employees. Through a variety of activities, experiential learning, and visual aids, we create an engaging and interactive training environment.

We emphasize the use of realistic and relatable case studies and stories to ensure practical application of the concepts.

Our goal is to provide training that is both engaging and applicable to real-world situations. We also tailor-make modules based on organizational needs.

“Training is the catalyst that ignites the flame of excellence, unlocking the full potential within individuals and fueling the collective success of organizations.”


Upon completion of the Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner course, coaches have the opportunity to obtain certification from the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming (ABNLP). This esteemed certification not only validates your expertise but also sets the foundation for a coaching practice that delivers results effortlessly.

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