Advance Sales Professional

For Sales Teams interested in elevating their performance

This program is designed for sales teams interested in elevating their performance and the top-line.

The course uncovers the intricacies of buyer behavior, objection handling, and strategic communication. Your sales force will learn to recognize buying signals, build unbreakable rapport, master active listening and many more skills. This practical result driven course ensures your sales force emerge as sales masters, equipped with the skills to navigate any sales landscape, build lasting client relationships, and consistently achieve exceptional results.

All participants will receive a KHDA "Advance Sales Communication Model" Certification.

30 Hours Course

Program Outline:

Imparting the wisdom behind buyer decisions, exploring motivations and influencing factors to tailor your approach effectively, resulting in increased sales conversions and satisfied customers.

Facilitating the art of handling objections with finesse, turning challenges into opportunities, and strengthening customer relationships through effective communication and objection-resolution strategies.

Developing the ability to identify subtle buying signals, enabling you to gauge a prospect’s readiness to commit and facilitating a smooth transition to the closing phase for successful conversions.

Developing authentic connections with clients, aligning with their values & beliefs, building trust and rapport that underpin lasting relationships, fostering client loyalty, and enhancing your overall sales effectiveness.

Imparting the nuances of effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal, to convey the message persuasively and enhance the ability to connect with and influence potential buyers.

Facilitating sales conversations through active listening techniques, demonstrating genuine interest and understanding, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and heightened performance.

Aligning individual and organizational goals strategically, ensuring a clear path to success, heightened motivation, and a focused, results-driven approach in the realm of sales.

Honing the power of storytelling and Milton Model to captivate your audience, delivering compelling narratives that resonate, influence, and drive sales messages effectively.

Developing objection-handling skills, to turn objections into opportunities; to overcome challenges with ease, and to maintain a positive and productive sales conversation.

The Participants will engage in dynamic role-playing and simulation exercises, applying learned skills in real-world scenarios, refining your approach, and enhancing your overall sales proficiency through practical experience.

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