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Hiring Seasoned Professionals

Balance leaner budgets and higher candidate expectations

Did you know that the number one reason people turn down job offers is because they were offered another? Not to mention, 26% of candidates left the hiring process because “it took too long.” It’s time to improve the time-to-hire for professionals and executives. Professional recruitment and hiring teams are facing a competitive market, and the first-to-offer has the first pick of talent. Move too slow and you’ll miss out on top talent–and lose revenue. Go beyond CVs and gain a better sense of a candidate earlier in the process. Consider more candidates and increase your productivity and throughput–easily doing more than what a phone screen can do.

Hiring Fresh Graduates

Hire more graduates without visiting more campuses

Scale your graduate hiring team by considering more students, from more schools, without adding more resources. HireVue’s enterprise software solution has allowed hundreds of companies to widen their early-career talent pool and improve diversity through flexible solutions that accommodate a student’s schedule. Focus on skills and screen for potential with assessments specifically designed to assess graduate talent making your early career hiring process more flexible and fair. With HireVue, graduate recruiting teams can quickly and expertly identify those candidates with the skills needed for success on the job today and the potential to thrive tomorrow.

Our Interview Tech

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Streamline talent acquisition and identify ‘best-fit’ based on qualifications, inherent traits and skills 
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