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Game based Video Assessments

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Hamilton Resourcing is the Official Regional Partner of HireVue.

Game based pre-employment assessments allow hiring managers to better gauge future candidate success in a single step while minimizing bias. Personality assessments are highly predictive of future performance and are broadly applicable across a wide range of job roles.


Portrait Assessment is a leap forward from legacy personality assessment tests which can be tedious and time consuming for candidates. It accurately and objectively assess a candidate’s personality traits while keeping them engaged throughout the process.

Portrait Assessment is a quick and engaging way to learn about a candidate’s personality traits commonly known as the ‘Big Five personality traits’ – – OpennessConscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extraversion, and Emotional Stability.

Insight into personality traits can help identify top candidates for a broad range of job roles and levels, including managerial level jobs, leadership, service roles and research and development.

This results in a comprehensive overview of the candidates’ interpersonal skills, drive and preferences that can be predictive of job performance.

Game-based assessments are scientifically validated. They measure competencies and traits most relevant for work performance. All assessments are regularly monitored by HireVue I/O psychologists and data scientists to drive fair, unbiased results. This also mitigates adverse impact in line with the Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection.

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