Let Candidate.ID do the heavy lifting by automatically nurturing candidates and identifying those most interested in opportunities.

Two main forms of automation exist within Candidate.ID.

The first relates to the candidate experience and the product’s ability to serve up personalised nurture journeys at scale. Examples of automation include:

  • Candidate 1 doesn’t open email so receives same content via text message 48 hours later
  • Candidate 2 reviews skills-related content only so receives further skills-related content 10 days later
  • Candidate 3 visits your careers site but doesn’t look at job opportunities so receives employer branding content 7 days later
  • Candidate 4 reviews a job description but doesn’t reply so your recruiter receives an alert 24 hours later to prompt them to contact the candidate.

The second is to do with Candidate.ID’s ability to monitor and score each candidate’s interactions with your emails, text messages, landing pages, careers site, corporate website and social media. Using a number of technical components unique within recruitment, Candidate.ID sends a signal to each candidate’s profile and accumulates engagement points for each. This means your recruiters are able to filter candidates by engagement score and reduce time-to-shortlist by 50% on average.