Sonru - 'Asynchronous' Video Interview Solution that makes video interviews simple, taking the pain out of coordinating phone screens with candidates and providing feedback to hiring managers.

Science-Based Hiring for the Global Workforce

Sonru, the leader in video interviewing across EMEA and APAC is now part of Modern Hire.

For over a decade, Sonru has pioneered Asynchronous Video Interviewing across EMEA and APAC. With a rich heritage built on a client centric approach and relentless drive for positive candidate experience, Sonru revolutionised the recruitment process of hundreds of the world’s leading brands.

The combination of Modern Hire and Sonru creates a truly global organisation with a continued commitment to an effective, efficient and ethical hiring experience.

Enabling Virtual Hiring Globally


Provide modern candidates personalized, time-saving experiences with convenient text-based or pre-recorded phone interactions. Screening personalizes the experience for candidates from the start and allows you to quickly identify and move forward candidates who meet your qualifications.


Our science-based, job-relevant Virtual Job Tryout assessment are rooted in our scaled insights collected from more than a billion candidate interactions across various roles and industries. Text-based assessment enables hiring teams to scientifically predict turnover with an on-demand text interaction in the screening stage of the hiring process.


Conduct on-demand and live interviews using dynamically generated, job-specific behavioral, follow-up, and competency-based questions. Our interview technology includes structured rating scales to aid recruiters, automated workflows, and candidate self-scheduling tools.

Benefits of Video Interview


By removing the scheduling and conducting of preliminary interviews (like initial phone interviews) you save time. Lots of time.

The number of early stage interviews will be reduced as you can combine a number of interviews into one. Your panel recruiters can focus in on relevant sections and therefore further reduce interviewing time.


Seeing someone talk through your questions and tests gives you a complete picture.

Make better decisions about who to bring forward and make better use of on-site time with the candidate by preparing tailored interviews based on their video responses.

Video Selection powered by Sonru is suitable for multiple interview types. Merge a technical test, culture fit and language test into one structured interview.


It’s easier to compare candidates when the interview process is uniform.

Providing a standardized, structured and transparent interview ensures fairness of process to all candidates.

The video responses provide clear interview records for review so there is no second-guessing from written notes or memory. Having everything on record also helps with internal and external audits.

Set the deadline, not the time

Simply enter your interview questions, set the deadline and invite candidates by email. Watch and share the responses when completed.

Say goodbye to scheduling and conducting time consuming first round phone or Skype interviews, and say hello to structured, automated video responses to your questions and tests that you can view and share when it suits.

Sonru replicated the format of a phone or a face-to-face interview

Candidates log in to read and record their answers, without having to be online at the same time as the interviewer.

Like a traditional interview, candidates don’t see the questions in advance, and they respond to one question at a time. Even better, you set the maximum read and answer times for each question.

Share, comment and review

Fit recruitment around your schedule.

You decide when to review the candidate responses, and they can be viewed multiple times.

Invite your colleagues and hiring managers to review and give feedback on candidates, so you kick start the preliminary selection process without interrupting your schedules.

Employer Testimonials

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Gateway Bank

Available in multiple languages

The Sonru application is now available in English, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Malay, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Polish. Many other languages are being added each month, so watch this space.

Choose the language when creating the Interview and all the communications candidates receive will be in that language (including the emails, login form and the application itself).

We can’t translate the questions or interview details you enter, but you can easily create individual interviews covering any languages you need.