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Exhibitor FAQ's

We can upload pre-recorded videos and content, host live-streamed webinar sessions and enable live Q&A sessions.

You may speak with other users using video calls, audio calls and text chat. You are also able to exchange contact information with other users.

You can communicate with anyone present at the event from fellow exhibitors, to job seekers to other exhibitors.

If you are communicating with a user and another user requests to speak to you, you can either admit them and form a group conversation or decline their request.

There are many ways to maximize your engagement. You are able to host live webinars and streaming, as well as a live Q&A session. We also have a dedicated networking lounge where users can spend time communicating through video calls, voice calls, and text chat. Users can even exchange contact information with one another. You may embed surveys and polls within your stand as well.

Yes you can have your own dedicated venue with various labelled stands for each subsidiary or department. Stands can be selected based on the choices below.

Yes you can. As an optional extra we can render any products for you into a 3D model and display it at a specific high-traffic location. We can also provide you with visitors analytics for that product after the event.

Laptop or desktop are recommended for best results along with Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. You can download any of the above broswers from the following links:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox

As an optional extra, we can provide you with complete event analytics and metrics such as data regarding actions of every visitor to your stand, number of visitors, content viewed and downloaded, and other useful statistics.

We have started the Exhibitor registration early to ensure that the Exhibitors have enough time to build their digital assets, i.e. branding, videos, brochures, … as well as giving enough time to complete the vendor registration & invoicing process.