The answer is very simple: because it creates 4x more engagement and 50% more retention than traditional training methods! 5 minutes a day. That is all it takes for your frontline staff to actually remember the things that matter and impact the bottom line.

Microlearning equals small, bite-sized pieces of content delivered in an engaging way, and when people actually need it. Our mobile-first design allows to consume content remotely, intuitively and on-demand. Combine this with a very user-friendly design and layout, gamification elements, quizzes and retention techniques and you will understand we created the perfect training app that thousands of people around the world love to use.‚Äč

Our CMS: Easily create your own learning paths

  • Easily create training paths with your own content
  • Choose between different training formats
  • Allocate content to segmented user groups
  • Brand in your own company colours and logo
  • Easily integrate with other platforms

Our app: Engage and train your frontline staff

  • Mobile-first: perfect for staff working remotely
  • Intuitive, clearly structured design and layout
  • Built-in gamification elements
  • Quizzes and retention techniques
  • Large variety of content formats
  • Newsfeed and poll functionality
  • Search functionality

Our dashboard: Get actionable insights, drive change

  • Measure KPIs
  • Follow-up progress
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Improve training offer
  • Certificates for completed tracks