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How To Automate Candidate Sourcing And Matching To The Job Descriptions

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What worked pre-2020 in terms of candidate sourcing strategies, may not work now and post-2020.

Speed & accuracy matters in talent sourcing. Being able to source and match candidates efficiently with the job descriptions, is a competitive advantage. Whether you are an Employer or Staffing Agency, the competition for talent is fierce and the costs rising.

Candidate.ID is the only tech product in recruitment to filter candidates by a real-time engagement score and match against the job description.

Automation and streamlining is a critical consideration for organizations not only during the current times where they are looking at recruitment cost reductions and quality improvements but at all times.

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Why use Source & Match?

Using the new Source & Match module within Candidate.ID, recruiters are able to:

  • Find candidates in their own ATS, their Candidate.ID pipelines and from over 300 job board databases and communities, in one search, in seconds
  • Automatically create candidate profiles on Candidate.ID from CVs, social media profiles, talent communities, email inboxes and existing ATS and CRM platforms
  • Accurately parse candidate contact information, employment history, skills and qualifications
  • Create or update new candidates found on job board databases and communities, automatically adding CVs, contact information, employment history and skills
  • Automatically trigger personalised email and text message campaigns to the newly identified candidates

Our clients have been able to significantly improve the efficiency of their recruitment process, making 55% more hires-per-recruiter, reducing cold-calling by 97%, and time-to-shortlist by at least 50%.

If you’d like to create a genuine talent pool of relevant, identifiable, engaged candidates that you can nurture and dip into when you start hiring, please sign up for our FREE Online demo!

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