Experience Reboarding
Experience Reboarding

Experience Reboarding

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How do you keep your Employees updated, informed, and engaged, across all locations, about COVID-19 government regulations and organizational guidelines?

Get 30 days no-obligation access to ‘experience’ all the cool features and benefits including the built-in Experience and FAQ’s! Promote your workplace images, videos, FAQ’s, contact directory, and much much more to build a customized Employees and New Hires re-boarding experience.

Appical Mobile Experience
Appical FAQ's

Key Benefits

  • Real-time customized updates based on teams, groups, multiple-locations
  • Timing is everything, use prompted rules. e.g. message when entering the office
  • Use quizzes & games to keep it engaging
  • Guide for Employees on ”first day program”
  • Video tutorial to train Employees to perform new tasks
  • Make sure that Employees can communicate in an accessible way with their team & manager
  • Provide accessible ways to give feedback
  • Share examples on how Employees can contribute to strengthening your culture
  • Invite everybody to share their ideas for what to “stop-doing” post-COVID
  • Broadcast a common narrative on where you now are as an organization
  • Clarify what your employees can expect and stay informed on their well being with pulse-based employee surveys

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