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How To Get Your Employees To Fall in Love With You and Your Company

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The only thing better than loving your job is having, your employees love you back. Whether you see this as personal development or simply because you want to be a better manager for your team, here are 6 ways you can help your employees fall in love with your leadership skills and your company.

Whilst having your employees love you may boost your self-confidence, there are several other reasons why you should strive to have your team like you. Being a likeable manager creates an enjoyable work environment for employees; increasing productivity and overall higher work-life satisfaction. 

Love at First Sight 

First impressions matter: it sets the tone for how your employees are supposed to behave and feel around you as their manager. Especially new recruits will need guidance to get accustomed to working for you and the company. Ensure you have a proper onboarding process to help your new talent feels both welcomed and comfortable in their new environment. 

Even for existing employees, it is important to make a good first impression of the day. Join a meeting call early and if time permits to stay back after a call to chat with your employees. This will ensure that your first contact with them will be positive. 

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