Staffing agencies use Candidate.ID to serve up daily hot candidates and sales leads straight into consultants’ inboxes. Using Candidate.ID, the consultants at one staffing agency were able to fill 50% more jobs per person by month 13. That’s a much more profitable model.

  • By filtering candidates on engagement scores, your recruiters will be able to reduce their time-to-shortlist by 60%* which will delight clients and in a competitive situation, you will get to the ‘live’ candidates faster than the rest of the PSL.
  • Because of Candidate.ID is able to detect which channels, content formats and subjects individuals prefer, you are able to serve each with a progressively more personalized nurture experience and generate goodwill so that candidates are likely to answer your call when you have a role to talk to them about.
  • This same knowledge enables you to get better and better at candidate marketing. Because you can see which channels, formats, days of the week, times of the day, and senders are generating the best results, you can measure to the nth degree and continuously improve.
  • Candidate.ID tells you which candidates are ‘hire-ready’; you can use the product to seriously improve your business development. No more cold calling. No more spray and pray. Use Candidate.ID to nurture and generate goodwill from hiring managers and HR. Track clients’ and prospects’ interactions with your content and feed your consultants with warm leads every single week.
  • We advise using Candidate.ID for long-term nurturing – and you should also undertake an initial ‘Wake the Dead’ campaign, flushing your entire candidate database through Candidate.ID to generate immediate candidates and also prepare for GDPR. One staffing agency which undertook a project like this spent £6,000 and generated £20,000 of fees from fallow candidates. See the campaign KPIs below.

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  • Candidate.ID can be used to make your candidate data ‘GDPR compliant’. You will have a competitive advantage in the age of more complex data protection as it allows you to nurture people with the content they appreciate in the channels and formats they prefer.

*based on data from in-house recruiters using Candidate.ID. We accept this may vary for staffing agencies.

Candidate.ID is a system of engagement and a very powerful tool, only for the 25% of staffing agencies who are most committed to innovation, sophistication and generating unfair competitive advantage. Before you go any further, take a look at our pricing in the link below

If your recruitment consultants are able to use LinkedIn Recruiter, they will be able to learn how to use Candidate.ID quickly. In the first two months, our customer success team will train you on everything.

To run Candidate.ID you need a strong candidate database. If you don’t have the data you need, our research and sourcing team will be able to help.

Several of our senior team at Candidate.ID have staffing agency backgrounds and know your world. Book into one of our regular demos with our staffing agency team asap.