Battle ready?
Battle ready?

Are you (talent) battle ready?

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The Economies will revive, businesses will reopen, hiring will restart and markets will return to the ‘new-normal’. The question is, are you battle ready?

As the global talent battle heats up over the coming months, now is the perfect time to build your war chest and sharpen your tools.

For more recruitment / HR departments those tools are your databases. you have already invested heavily in building the talent pipelines over months and years, however, as we know it, data gets outdated very quickly. People move one, people change jobs, life happens and sooner rather than later, your data is outdated.

So this is the time for that data-refresh to get you battle ready.

Here is how Candidate.ID is working with top organizations in keeping them battle-ready:

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The Candidate.ID data migration project will:

• Take your existing candidate data, then
• Refresh, enrich, cleanse and de-duplicate, then
• Send a four-phase marketing campaign by email and text message, then
• Provide you with a list of active and engaged candidate records that you can import into your new platform.

Therefore avoiding data privacy, deliverability and relevancy issues.

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