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Microlearning: 3 Ways of using the MobieTrain Platform

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You’ve seen what microlearning is all about and how MobieTrain fits into the mobile learning family. But how does this translate into a working and engaging learning platform? We’re about to tell you everything there is to know about our three learning formats. Fasten your seatbelt and keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times, because we’re taking you on a wild ride!

3 learning formats

In our experience, and that of our customers, a single training format just isn’t enough. Different content calls for different measures. Do you have a lot of info to get across to your team? Is a short training path enough? Or does one image say more than a thousand words? Either way, we’ve got you covered with one of our three options:

  • Learning path
  • Crash course
  • Newsfeed

1. Learning path

Let’s start off with our firstborn. We proudly present to you: the learning path. A track full of interesting knowledge, brought to you with a diversity of information and questions to keep that retention going.

This one is especially suited when you’ve got a lot to say. Your content can be divided into levels, topics and learning moments, giving a structure to the chaos.

Every level contains several topics. Those are the big dots you can see on the left. Each topic holds up to 5 learning moments, which carry all of the actual content. Through gamified features, a variety of question types and even some tips and tricks from time to time, the user will cut through your learning track like a knife through butter.

2. Crash course

When your content is a little more compact, you can use our crash course. By choosing this option, you can get your information across much quicker.

Let’s say you’ve got a new collection coming up. You want your team to know all about its benefits and features. With the use of one track, containing only learning moments, you can do just that!

There are no levels or topics here. All your users need to do is follow the linear path. The same gamified elements apply in the crash course, which makes it a joy for your employees to learn about everything new. As the learning path has a level quiz at, you’ve guessed it, the end of each level, the crash course has one end quiz at the end of the whole course. As you know, retention is a big part of microlearning. That’s why we value the test’s importance.

3. Newsfeed

Last, but definitely not least, we would like to introduce you to our newsfeed: a communication tool to easily captivate your employees’ attention. It’s enormously fun to work with for both sides of your team.

On our newsfeed, you can post short messages to keep your team in the loop at all times. Imagine, you have a spanking new collection: there’s no time like the present to push this knowledge towards your employees in a fun and engaging way. Text, images, videos: they’re all part of the newsfeed-parade. Your team members will undoubtedly share their appreciation with a like or two.

You can make it even more alluring by using the poll function. Not only will you be able to get a clear representation of your employees’ answers, but you can share the results on the newsfeed as well. We know what you’re thinking: what if I want to personalise my team’s newsfeed? Search no more! The newsfeed is fully customisable per user group. If you want your latest post to be visible for your store staff, but not for the managers, we’ve got you covered.


Whatever your content looks like, we have the right format to make it the most appealing version for your company. By the way, there are several ways for us to help you with your content writing. Intrigued? Schedule your demo here!

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