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Employee Training Trends for 2021

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Okay, Covid-19 might not be completely over yet… but, we at MobieTrain also want to stay positive and look at the chances the future will bring.

No matter what the future will bring, we still believe that knowledge is power. Do you?

To get better insights in today’s corporate learning culture, we’re launching our annual Corporate Learning Benchmark 2020 (CLB-20).

This study investigates how organizations are training their employees today. What do they see as strengths, pain points and how are they looking to improve their training offer in the next year? Furthermore, how do they approach digital learning?

Curious about the results? All we need is 7 minutes of your time and you’ll receive the report by the end of September. Do you feel one of your colleagues is better positioned to answer this survey? Feel free to share within your organisation.

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