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The ability to filter candidates on engagement and match against a job has never been done before.

By searching, intuitively filtering and sorting data from over 300 job boards, online networking sites and your existing ATS/CRM database, Candidate.ID’s resume search software quickly finds the most relevant candidates to match your vacancy and identify the total addressable market – all in one place.

This is a world first for recruitment technology!


  • Find candidates in their own ATS, their Candidate.ID pipelines and from over 300 job board databases and communities, in one search, in seconds
  • Automatically create candidate profiles on Candidate.ID from CVs, social media profiles, talent communities, email inboxes and existing ATS and CRM platforms
  • Accurately parse candidate contact information, employment history, skills and qualifications
  • Create or update new candidates found on job board databases and communities, automatically adding CVs, contact information, employment history and skills
  • Automatically trigger personalised email and text message campaigns to the newly identified candidates

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